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For the past decade Rus Sarnoff, founder of Integrated Marketing, has been helping clients navigate the evolving landscape of Direct Response marketing. Moving from a successful career in television production and broadcasting, he pursued his interest in consumer trends through the re-focusing of his creative skills and talents to direct response marketing. Rus’ ability to craft competitive strategies and tactics and develop new business for his clients within most every vertical in the direct-to-consumer marketplace has earned him a reputation as a highly-respected marketer and industry thought leader.

With a broad roster of clients, expansive network of relationships, membership on industry committees and trade organizations, Rus brings unique insights and vantage point to emerging trends and technologies, regulatory issues, and new business opportunities.

As a television executive he is credited with more than sixty series and specials, including variety, talk, news, reality, magazine, sports, sitcom, game show, commercial, live event, home video, and transactional programming; responsible for the production, delivery, marketing and sales on network, syndicated, cable, and web-based content. At the corporate level, Rus held various positions including executive in charge of production for Viacom, KingWorld, CBS, Hearst, Eyemark, and Columbia Pictures.

"Every sector of the Direct Response industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving. Smart marketers not only recognize changing technological advances; they stand ready to capitalize on these emerging opportunities."

"We face significant challenges in the future including better funded competitors for our media space, rising vendor costs, shifting consumer behavior, and escalating regulatory interference with even the most compliant of practices. Our goal at Integrated Marketing, LLC, is to identify Best of Class channels, products, services and opportunities to help our valued clients achieve business success and to help them realize their full revenue potentials."

"Our industry, like so many others, is a business based on relationships. At times, this can foster both the best and/or the worst of business practices. Loyalty, in business, must never cloud a marketer's vigilance towards the bottom line. It's fine to recognize and protect "long time partners", but it never hurts to stay abreast of relevant alternatives in marketing".

-Rus Sarnoff

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