Verizon’s iPhone 4 Facts - 01/11/2011

Verizon’s iPhone 4 Facts

January 11, 2011 By Shelly Palmer

1) A Verizon version of Apple’s iPhone 4 will be available for pre-order on February 3, 2010

2) The Verizon iPhone 4 is a 3G, EVDO, CDMA device. This means that is will work on the existing Verizon 3G network. It will be subject to all of the International roaming charges that any other CDMAphone is subject to. You will not be able to browse the web while you are engaged in a voice telephone call. The good news is that you will be on Verizon’s top-rated network.

3) The Verizon iPhone will act as a five device mobile hotspot. It’s like having a MiFi 2200 WiFi hotspot built into your phone. Awesome feature!

4) Pricing. The 16GB model is expected to cost $200, the 32GB model is expected to cost $300 (Both require a 2-year contract).

5) It’s available in white. If you look at the Verizon site, you will see the availability of themythical "White” iPhone 4(click Tech Specs, then Capacity & Color).

6) They did not officially announce the data plans. However, insiders say that unlike AT&T’s data plans($15/mo for 200MB, $25/mo for 2GB and $45/mo for 2GB with tethering) Verizon will offer a $30/mo unlimited plan. Most analysts believe that AT&T will be forced to match Verizon’s plans dollar for dollar, but there is no word yet — the data plan for the Verizon iPhone have not been officially announced.

7) You cannot take your AT&T iPhone, walk into Verizon and ask them to switch it over, you must purchase a new Verizon iPhone. You may also be interested to know that AT&T and Verizon iPhones will be different.  AT&T phones are built to utilize AT&T’s version of GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications: originally from Groupe Spécial Mobile) the most popular system for mobile device communication in the world.  Verizon’s iPhone has been built to utilize its CDMA (Code division multiple access, is a channel access method utilized by various radio communication technologies).

8) If you switch, all of your apps will still work. Apps are a function of the iPhone and have nothing to do with the network.  If you cancel your AT&T iPhone and purchase a new Verizon iPhone, iTunes will just restore your apps to your new Verizon iPhone.

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