Impact Radius offers MultiChannel Performance-Based Media - 12/15/2010

Impact Radius emerged from a passion for performance advertising and its potential for growth. Determined to provide better technology for the industry, the company's perspective centered on a simple idea: Yours, not ours.

More than a product or business model, Impact Radius establishes a culture for results-driven relationships. In other advertising models the networks and middlemen stake claim to a magic formula that generates results. Hidden in their black boxes are relationships, data, processes and other 'secrets for success' that justify their value. But what opportunity costs do their customers suffer with this approach?


Impact Radius takes an alternative view, enlisting a 'clear box' philosophy to guide the structure and characteristics of its solution. Bringing greater clarity to performance advertising, partnerships prosper from direct access to the information needed to evaluate, negotiate and maximize performance and profits.


Efficiency as a fundamental driver of profitability also plays a key role in the design of Impact Radius. With tools that streamline and simplify the business processes without reducing control or creating interference, the company bridges the worlds of traditional and online media for the first time. On a single platform, where the focus is relationships and profiting from performance, media partners and advertisers from all channels are leading advertising into a new era.


Based in Santa Barbara, California with offices in London, Impact Radius thrives at the intersection of people, technology, accountability and profit.

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