Dear Rus: won approval from the FAA to test a delivery drone outdoors, as the e-commerce company pursues its goal of sending packages to customers by small, self-piloted aircraft. 
Fulfillment via drone is a realistic – and exciting-- scenario for some package deliveries in the future -- though the use of drones is fraught with issues involving safety and privacy.


Key components and restrictions of the program are below:

  • Amazon prototype drone will be allowed to perform test flights over private, rural land in Washington state.
  • The experimental certificate applies to a particular drone and Amazon must obtain a new certification if it modifies the aircraft in any way.   This makes is it difficult to adapt the model quickly in the field.
  • Amazon must keep flights below 400 feet and keep the drone in sight.  (Amazon asked to fly up to altitudes of 500 feet).
  • Drone operators must have a private pilot licenses and current medical certification.

Please click here to view the video of how this works.

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